Saturday, 10 July 2010

Using Google Earth to emulate Iron Man

Did you fancy emulating Iron Man flying through the skies after watching the recent Marvel movie at the cinema? Well, while a full-blown emulation would probably require a hefty sum of funds there is an alternative. People at the recent 2010 Kinnernet camp (check it out here) presented a very nifty Iron Man flying simulator with Google Earth as the basis of it.

The components included a small crane, a hang glider harness, UAV wings, a large propeller, Virtual Reality goggles, a FPV Ground Station, a WiiMote, a GlovePIE, the Google Earth Flight Simulator and of course a participant. It should be noted that the Wii Remote was used to control the Google Earth Flight Simulator, which of course was being shown to subject via the VR goggles. As you can see from the video above the emulation is very impressive indeed and with Google Earth at the heart of it it can provide for a fairly realistic experience.

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