Thursday, 1 July 2010

Crytek keynote presentation on the future of game graphics

I've just come across a very interesting keynote presentation from two Crytek people on the future of gaming graphics. This took place at the recent High Performance Graphics 2010 conference at Saarbrucken, Germany a few days ago. The focus on this was for the Crytek experts to share their ten-year expertise of making a generalized and balanced real-time rendering pipeline on consoles. Different algorithms for image synthesis are also discussed as well as different architectures for different workloads. The problems of the current rendering pipeline and the current generation of consoles is also another featured topic, as is new possible applications for real-time graphics such as movie industry and server-side rendering.

Of particular interest to me where the perception-driven graphics concepts described in the presentation which I have yet to see discussed in a photorealistic context (there are efforts of "driving" non-photorealistic graphics from human data already).

The full Powerpoint presentation can be downloaded from here and makes for very exciting reading.

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