Saturday, 10 July 2010

CityEngine used for Toyota Prius ad

While not a very big fan of the car itself, it is very impressive to watch a recent ad of Toyota Prius as the 3D urban models in it have been created with CityEngine, the popular urban modelling application (with a bit of side help from Autodesk's Softimage XSI too).

What's more, the urban model is rendered in a semi-stylised form rather than a photorealistic one which makes this ad all the more interesting if you're into non-photorealistically rendered graphics. Created by a production company called Capture MM, the street network of the city was the first part of the model to be created. Placed in the center of this, a part of the street network formed the slogan of the clip (watch the end of the video clip above to see this). All of streets seen were created using CityEngine, in that way defining the building blocks for the buildings and subsequent 3D geometry.

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