Saturday, 10 July 2010

Outsourcing a Google Earth 3D model?

If you want to get your business building or even home residence in 3D on Google Earth there are currently a number of options. Obviously one is using SketchUp yourself (too complex for some people), doing it in a more image-based modelling way (Building Maker, the quality can suffer however compared to the SketchUp approach) or using a third-party company such as CyberCity3D or Concept 3D. The last option at the moment is good value for money if you want to spend a few hundred US dollars on it.

What happens however if you want a more budget option for this? A new company called Estate3D offers a service of 3D-modelling in KMZ file format (and also submitting to Google) the building of your choice for only $99. They do have some guidelines such as the fact that it needs to be a single building which comprises of of 50 faces or less and of course you have to take the photos of the facades yourself. Check them out here, the picture above is representative of their work.

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