Saturday, 26 January 2013

Dare to be Digital competition opens up for applications

Dare to be Digital is a very high-profile student game development competition which has been going on for over a decade now and has now opened up for applications for its 2013 offering. The competition itself is to take place between June 10th and August 11th while the deadline for applications (in the form of a video pitch as explained on the very informative official website) is on April the 9th.
For more information visit the website here.

Another write-up on Make Something Unreal Live 2013 and BU success

Another write-up for the Make Something Unreal Live 2013 success of the Bournemouth University student team which is is the four finalists can be found here. This is on the website of Develop magazine. It has quotes from Epic Games themselves, students participating in the competition and Climax Studios (the mentor for the Bournemouth University team, called Static Games). The concept art below is taken from Static Games' offering Mendel's Farm.
More to follow on this in the lead up to the finals in April.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Project Shield, a new Nvidia-made mobile console

Nvidia has recently announced a new mobile gaming console (as pictured below) which is titled Project Shield. Project Shield is Android-powered and also uses a Tegra 4 chip. The display is 1280x720 and as can be seen below there is an integrated controller too. More interestingly however the device is capable of streaming PC games. This works with a PC and the Project Shield device being on the same wireless network and also provided the PC in question has a GeForce GTX.

A very interesting foray into the gaming hardware market for Nvidia, for more information you can read more about the device on the official site here.

Bournemouth University listed as Academia Partner on the Epic Games' Unreal website

Bournemouth University is now listed as Academia Partner on the Epic Games' Unreal website (as can be seen here). Similarly to the other institutions seen there, the Unreal engine (in the guise of UDK) is used for teaching purposes on the BSc Games Technology and MSc Computer Games Technology courses and, starting next year, on the BSc Games Programming course too.
These courses are taught at the School of Design, Engineering and Computing under the Creative Technology framework.

BU Games Tech students presenting at the semi-finals of MSUL 2013

I have done several posts about this but I've just noticed that the semi-finals of Epic Games' Make Something Unreal 2013 competition are condensed in a very succinct video, lasting about 12 mins or so, on YouTube. Worth watching as Bournemouth University Games Technology students can also be seen presenting during this (the team name is Static Games and the game is called Mendel's Farm).
This took place at Wellcome Trust's headquarters a few weeks ago, with Static now working hard on their game for the April finals which are coming up.