Sunday, 31 January 2016

New Doom level

John Romero, the seminal level designer who worked on the original Doom game has now created a brand new level for it which he has made available to the community.

This can be found here; with John Romero's iconic status this is well worth a look for fans of Doom but also aspiring level designers.

iGBL conference

I am amongst the Committee names for iGBL 2016, the Irish Conference on Game Based Learning, taking place in September in Dublin, Ireland.

More information on the official site of the event here.

Iron Maiden game in the works

I blogged about Iron Maiden's video for Speed of Light from their last album and its take on video gaming history a few months ago; it appears that the band is now to also work on a game (not the first time in their history, see Ed Hunter from quite a while back).

This apparently is to be a mobile RPG and to be called Legacy of the Beast (more here). An interesting move from the band; which will hopefully yield in an engaging game too.

VS Games 16 IPC

I am once again a member of the International Program Committee for the VS Games conference, this time to take place in Barcelona, Spain for its 2016 outing. The conference was organised in 2013 here at Bournemouth University.

It is envisaged there will be a special issue from the conference in Springer's Virtual Reality. More details on this on the official site of the conference here.

SIGN talk at Bournemouth University's EBC on 10/02

Our annual BU-organised SIGN talk is coming up, SIGN being the Southern Independent Games Network initiative between BU and the Games courses at the nearby Universities of Portsmouth and Southampton Solent.

This year we will have Rebourne Studios talking about the experiences on starting their company but also developing their Rite of Life game. More info and bookings here.

Research Project Manager post at CDE at Bournemouth University

Continuing from the previous blog post there is also a Research Project Manager position for the Centre of Digital Entertainment (at Bournemouth University) which is now advertised. 

More information on this here; the deadline is the 28th of February. More on the Centre of Digital Entertainment here.

Lecturer post at Bournemouth University (Games)

There is now an advertised lecturer post at Bournemouth University, within the Creative Technology department and linked to the Games courses which are part of it.

More details can be seen here; the deadline is 22nd of February.

Saturday, 9 January 2016


Further to the previous post I have also been invited to serve on the IPC for the Computer Graphics, Visualization, Computer Vision and Image Processing (CGVCVIP) 2016 conference, to take place in Madeira, Portugal. 

This is the 10th outing of the conference and will take place in July this year.

More information on this here


I have been invited to join the International Program Committee for the 8th International Conference on Graphic and Image Processing (or ICGIP 2016), which is to take place in late October this year in Tokyo, Japan.

More information on the conference here.

Titan X GPU donated by Nvidia

Shortly before Christmas Nvidia was kind enough to donate a Titan X GPU to me for research purposes. I would like to thank them for this gesture as this will be a valuable tool for future work.

More on their academic donation scheme can be found here.

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Unreal engine 4.11 now released as beta

Epic, a few days ago, made available UE4 4.11 Preview 1; for the big UE4 aficionados this is worth checking out though what needs to be kept in mind is that this is merely a beta (so if you are after stability then 4.10.1 is the one to go for instead).

You can read more about UE4 4.11 Preview 1 here.

VS Games 2016 conference

The next VS Games (2016) conference is to take place in Barcelona, Spain in September of the new year (the conference was organised in Bournemouth in 2013, where I acted as a general chair for it that year).

More information on its official website here, including submission deadlines plus arrangements for a special issue at Springer's Virtual Reality journal.

Game to be shipped with the Oculus Rift announced

It appears that the Oculus Rift VR headset is now to be bundled with a game called Lucky's Tale (on its release). Bundled titles like that (for consoles and gaming hardware in general) has been about showcasing the hardware as much as the game itself so much is expected from the game.

You can read the full news and check out a video of the game on the official Oculus Rift blog here.

Superhot game

It is not often that a first person shooter provides significant innovation to the genre these days; despite the fact that there are many great FPS games released continuously. Superhot, coming out of Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter campaigns, appears to be doing this both visually but also (more importantly) in terms of mechanics.

More about this upcoming, to be released in 2016, game on its official site here.

Raspberry Pi Zero

There is now a new -and smaller, see pic below- version of the well known Raspberry Pi; titled Raspberry Pi Zero. 

It is worth reading more about this here on its official site, however the new version is a more cost-efficient one of the original; intended to provide the same service to a target market where even a modest/basic cost can be an obstruction.

Global Game Jam 2016

The Global Game Jam 2016 competition is set to take place between the 29th and 31st of January; this is a games jam which takes place, under a common theme, at different locations across the entire world.

As with 2015 there is local Bournemouth University organisation for this, more details on this here.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Unreal Match 3

For those interested in developing mobile games with Epic's UE4 a great learning resource that the company has recently added is Unreal Match 3, consisting of a game plus written and video tutorials around it.

If you are interested in developing something for that market specifically (rather than AAA console that UE4 is more often thought of as more compatible with) this is well recommended.

More on this here on the official Epic site.

HTC Vive delayed

The HTC Vive; one of the few headsets set to compete for the crown of VR tech is to be delayed for spring 2016 (bringing it more in line with the other names it is positioned against, regarding release dates at least). Additionally, reports (see the Engadget article here) seem to suggest new additional innovation added to the technology.

While this is not elaborated on we will soon know in 2016 what HTC plans for their Vive device (the CES January exhibition is said to have a demo of the device).

Aardvark Swift's Search for a Star and Rising Star competitions

Aardvark Swift, who recently delivered an excellent guest talk at Bournemouth University, have launched again their annual Search for a Star and Rising Star undergraduate student competitions.

With Autodesk and Microsoft involved in the two different strands more can be found on the official website here.

Nintendo NX's controller?

As MCV recently reported (the full news item can be found here), Nintendo has filed a patent for a new controller. While this could of course turn out to be not the case, there is some speculation this could be the next Nintendo NX console controller.

Pictured above is the controller; one that is different to previous Nintendo efforts. Time will tell if this turns out to be their new approach for their next (and much-awaited) console which succeeds the Wii U.