Sunday, 31 January 2016

New Doom level

John Romero, the seminal level designer who worked on the original Doom game has now created a brand new level for it which he has made available to the community.

This can be found here; with John Romero's iconic status this is well worth a look for fans of Doom but also aspiring level designers.

iGBL conference

I am amongst the Committee names for iGBL 2016, the Irish Conference on Game Based Learning, taking place in September in Dublin, Ireland.

More information on the official site of the event here.

Iron Maiden game in the works

I blogged about Iron Maiden's video for Speed of Light from their last album and its take on video gaming history a few months ago; it appears that the band is now to also work on a game (not the first time in their history, see Ed Hunter from quite a while back).

This apparently is to be a mobile RPG and to be called Legacy of the Beast (more here). An interesting move from the band; which will hopefully yield in an engaging game too.

VS Games 16 IPC

I am once again a member of the International Program Committee for the VS Games conference, this time to take place in Barcelona, Spain for its 2016 outing. The conference was organised in 2013 here at Bournemouth University.

It is envisaged there will be a special issue from the conference in Springer's Virtual Reality. More details on this on the official site of the conference here.

SIGN talk at Bournemouth University's EBC on 10/02

Our annual BU-organised SIGN talk is coming up, SIGN being the Southern Independent Games Network initiative between BU and the Games courses at the nearby Universities of Portsmouth and Southampton Solent.

This year we will have Rebourne Studios talking about the experiences on starting their company but also developing their Rite of Life game. More info and bookings here.

Research Project Manager post at CDE at Bournemouth University

Continuing from the previous blog post there is also a Research Project Manager position for the Centre of Digital Entertainment (at Bournemouth University) which is now advertised. 

More information on this here; the deadline is the 28th of February. More on the Centre of Digital Entertainment here.

Lecturer post at Bournemouth University (Games)

There is now an advertised lecturer post at Bournemouth University, within the Creative Technology department and linked to the Games courses which are part of it.

More details can be seen here; the deadline is 22nd of February.

Saturday, 9 January 2016


Further to the previous post I have also been invited to serve on the IPC for the Computer Graphics, Visualization, Computer Vision and Image Processing (CGVCVIP) 2016 conference, to take place in Madeira, Portugal. 

This is the 10th outing of the conference and will take place in July this year.

More information on this here


I have been invited to join the International Program Committee for the 8th International Conference on Graphic and Image Processing (or ICGIP 2016), which is to take place in late October this year in Tokyo, Japan.

More information on the conference here.

Titan X GPU donated by Nvidia

Shortly before Christmas Nvidia was kind enough to donate a Titan X GPU to me for research purposes. I would like to thank them for this gesture as this will be a valuable tool for future work.

More on their academic donation scheme can be found here.