Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Iconic shooter coming to the iPhone

EA Mobile is set to bring classic 2D shoot 'em up R-Type to the iPhone, a game that remains one of my personal favourites from the now neglected genre. While no date or price has been mentioned for the title's release as of yet, it should be on iTunes within the next weeks according to rumours.

According to EA, the title will be very true to the iconic original but will also offer tilt, touch and virtual d-pad control options along with several difficulty options. Looking forward to it! Maybe at some point we'll see even more classic shoot 'em ups converted for the iPhone platform, such as for example my all-time personal favourite Xenon II (which I am playing again for the first time in many years on my MegaDrive console)!

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Unknown said...

Second Monkey Island is out on the iPhone and what a fantastic job! Almost completed the Tales versions too (on the last one).

Bobby. MT.