Tuesday, 27 July 2010

PhD thesis successfully defended at City University London

Today I successfully defended my PhD thesis which I submitted almost a couple of months ago at City University London. It is the culmination of a five year effort which started in October 2005 and this blog has been, to an extent, part of this endeavour. The thesis, titled "Evaluating Non-Photorealistic Rendering for 3D Urban Models in the Context of Mobile Navigation" (full abstract on a prior post) received a lot of positive comments from the examination panel as well as a no-corrections recommendation to the School.

Amongst other people, I'd like to thank my supervisor for her guidance plus also my family and various colleagues at both City and Bournemouth University (where I am currently employed as a lecturer) for their support. I see the considerable efforts I put in this PhD not as the end to a journey but more the firing pistol shot to, hopefully, a fully-realised research career!

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