Saturday, 12 June 2010

Mobile version of Second Life?

Linden Lab, the company behind virtual world Second Life is now mentioning, for the first time, a plan to launch mobile applications (third-party companies have already attempted this on smartphones). Amongst other strategic goals such as turning the application into a browser-based experience and integrating with other social apps such as (most notably) Facebook, Linden Lab state in a press release that "investments intended to enhance ease of use and participation in its virtual goods marketplace through browser-based and mobile applications".

The company recently restructured (with 30% of their staff getting their marching papers) plus buzz on Second Life has significantly diminished in the last year or so therefore it remains to be seen whether this is to be implemented or not. It does appear to be a move to put Second Life back on the map (and an iPhone version would definitely be really cool in my opinion).

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