Saturday, 12 June 2010

Layar 3.5 version update

Layar, an augmented reality startup I have mentioned before in this blog, has now updated its Android app to version 3.5. This version of Layar is the first one to get its brand new stream feature (the iPhone version is soon to receive this as well).

This feature makes it easier for Layar users to locate AR content around their current whereabouts. It operates thusly; when the application is launched, the users are presented with a list of nearby content. The current state of affairs was to have to search for specific topics or layers so the reasoning behind the improvement is obvious.

Developers have now apparently created more than 700 layers for its AR browser, while the app itself is serving 2.4 million virtual objects a day to its users. As Layar appears to be at the forefront of mobile AR at the moment it is interesting to observe that the medium is finally taking off, with many exciting possibilities there to be further explored.

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