Monday, 22 February 2010

Windows Phone and Bing Maps (or Virtual Earth) integration

Last week at Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, Spain Windows Phone 7 Series was announced by Microsoft. In addition to that however Microsoft also revealed they are working on an integration of Windows Phone and Bing Maps (which is essentially the rebrand of Virtual Earth, Microsoft's answer to Google Earth, quite an unfortunate change of name if you ask me incidentally!).

The naming aside, Bing Maps has a lot of potential, particularly if the 3D maps Virtual Earth used are also added to the Windows Phone version. Bing Maps also has, in addition to 3D, a StreetView panorama-like feature too, called StreetSide.

Bing Maps, if ported with its full desktop features to mobile could be a great rival to Android's Google Earth and Nokia's Ovi Maps in quality. It should be mentioned Bing Maps is already available on the iPhone/iPod Touch (minus the 3D maps sadly, for the time being anyway). Another sign there's fight left in the Windows Mobile brand?

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