Saturday, 20 February 2010

Tobii eye-trackers

On Wednesday I attended a one-day seminar at City University in London on eye-tracking delivered from Acuity ETS, resellers of the Tobii eye-trackers. The seminar was very interesting as it demonstrated (through comprehensive live demos) just how accurate, non-invasive and expansive in terms of applications this technology has now become. I was also very impressed with the software that came with it, allowing you to do a substantial part of the statistical analysis of the data collected.

In terms of recording and analysing visual attention eye-tracking has come a long way, and I left the seminar with many ideas on how I could use one for usability research using 3D stimuli. An example of this, sent to me by one of the guys at Acuity ETS, is the vid above which demonstrates in-game advertisement visual attention recordings (in a variety of titles such as PGR3, Fifa 07 etc.).

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