Saturday, 1 October 2011

Showcasing UDK's mobile capabilities, Desert Zombie: Last Stand on iOS

This is an upcoming title that has recently made a lot of waves and as a result of this is featured on the official Epic Games' UDK website as a showcase of the capabilities of their engine specifically for mobile game development; it is Crystalised's Desert Zombie: Last Stand for the iOS (both iPhone and iPad).

The game is a third-person shooter similar to Gears Of War in many ways but delivered on hardware where visuals of this quality where unheard of only a couple of years or so back. Read more about the game (and watch one of the trailers here), it is in many ways fascinating to finally see mobile platforms catching up with traditional gaming consoles and PCs after many years of false starts for mobile gaming. Certainly UDK's support of iOS has played a big part in this and will continue to do so with more titles of this visual quality expected in the next few months.

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