Thursday, 7 January 2010

Layar, augmented reality application for the iPhone

There's a number of location-based augmented reality applications available for the iPhone (which I'll leave for a future post) but the cream of the crop has got to be Layar.

Layar combines GPS, camera and compass to identify your surroundings and overlay information on screen, in real time (in the familiar way that augmented reality applications do). This involves a range of information that can be found in a typical urban environment from demographics to cultural heritage descriptions and service-oriented data. It is also available for Android apart from the iPhone platform (3GS only).

Other features include options in the menu such as ‘Featured’, which has extra layers that were selected by the startup and ‘Popular’, obviously based on usage. There is also integration with Google Local Search which lets you launch searches for places you find using the ‘Reality Browser’ and a host other possibilities such as interface with Twitter (and a number of other applications).

Check the example video out, it has a great example of another application area for Layar (or indeed any mobile AR app) which is mobile location-based property search. The application can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store and is expected to take off in the next few months so it is well worth checking out.

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