Saturday, 1 November 2008

Sony patents Ultrasonic interaction controller

Sony Computer Entertainment America has filed a new U.S. patent describing a controller that employs "hybrid video capture and ultrasonic tracking" technology. The patent states that the system senses the movement of "one or more" controllers in a 3D space.

From the patent's abstract: "The captured video information is used to identify a horizontal and vertical position for each controller within a capture area. The ultrasonic tracking system analyzes sound communications to determine the distances between the game system and each controller and to determine the distances among the controllers. The distances are then analyzed by the game interface to calculate the depths within the capture area for each controller."

The patent was filed on June 24 this year. The breakapart controller displayed in images accompanying the filings could be assembled as a large sound- and space-sensing scepter. If such a product ever sees the light of day, it could look considerably different than the pictures exhibit, as SCEA stated "certain changes and modifications may be practiced" within the parameters of the patent.

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