Saturday, 22 November 2008

New features on Procedural's City Engine

Zurich-based middleware developer Procedural Inc. released an upgrade to 3D city modeling software CityEngine, which now includes, among other features, an OpenStreetMap import feature that enables users to generate 3D recreations of cities and their buildings within minutes.

Other highlights of the new CityEngine release include an interface for controlling specific parameters such as building height or age, the ability to export generated to models to Pixar's RenderMan and Google Earth, and new learning resources such as video tutorials and user manuals. CityEngine is designed to allow professional users in entertainment, architecture, and urban planning to efficiently model 3D cities and buildings.

When launching the software earlier this year, Procedural Inc. announced its involvement with the Rome Reborn project, an interactive 3D digital model of ancient Rome created with the help of several industry and academic partners. “Usually it can take up to several man years to model a 3D city” says Procedural Inc. CEO Pascal Mueller. “The CityEngine significantly accelerates this process. And with the new OpenStreetMap feature, users can import now every urban street network in the world. On the corresponding parcels, users can then instantly generate 3D buildings by using the CityEngine’s unique grammar rule engine.”

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