Saturday, 31 December 2016

Nintendo Switch announcement

This is a few weeks old now granted but as a major piece of news I thought it was worth including (plus I have previously discussed the Nintendo Wii U successor in past blog posts several times).

Nintendo has finally announced their next home console this fall; making 2017 an exciting year for them if all goes well. This is to be called the Nintendo Switch and the innovations are now much publicized from the trailer Nintendo released back in October.  It is important there are also more recent rumours of VR integration too, based on a patent. For more of this see this Verge article here.

It is of course anyone's guess as to how successful this will be with the generation of gamers weaned on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam-based PC gaming. Still, Nintendo does need a hit and this could well deliver for them. To see the official Nintendo trailer I am talking about above, where this screen grab is also taken from, visit here.

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