Thursday, 28 June 2012

New Broken Sword game mooted

Charles Cecil and Revolution Software are according to reports (see Edge article here for more detail and Charles Cecil quotes) gearing up for a new Broken Sword game. Though nothing is concrete till the announcement, which should be imminent, it is very likely that we will soon be receiving news of Broken Sword 5.

What's even more important to state is that the game will move back into 2D graphics and, seeing that the first two are quite possibly the best hand-drawn graphic adventure games of all time, the expectation for a similarly impressive artistic visual style is heightened. Eagerly awaiting news on this as I loved both the visual flair and also the first couple of games of the series (plus the iOS remakes Revolution recently made).

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Unknown said...

That's fantastic news! I really hope this happens! The previous game was so poor that it wouldn't work on a computer that had more than 1 core processor! They fixed it in a patch, but I bought a game which I couldn't play for over 2 years.