Sunday, 24 June 2012

Article published in Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds journal

An article I co-authored is now published in the online version of the Wiley Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds journal (through the Early View function). This is set to appear soon in a print version too. This is part of the CASA 2012 conference proceedings (see earlier post here).

The article is titled "Feature-based probabilistic texture blending with feature variations for terrains". The abstract is as follows; the use of linear interpolation to blend different terrain types with distinct features produces translucency artefacts that can detract from the realism of the scene. The approach presented in this paper addresses the feature agnosticism of linear blending and makes the distinction between features and non-features. Using the blend weights from Bloom's texture splatting, intermittent texture transitions are generated on the fly without artistic intervention. Furthermore, feature shapes are modified dynamically, thus further reducing repetition and adding authenticity.

The article can be found here.

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