Wednesday, 17 August 2011

CryEngine free SDK now available

Hot on the heels of the free level editor (which you do require Crysis 2 for though) Crytek has now made an SDK version of the CryEngine available for the modding/research/hobbyist community. This was mooted months ago and it is good to see the company sticking to its word on this.

This is offered on a number of different business models; a) CryEngine 3 is, first of all, free for use in educational facilities (even ones with tuition), with this now including individual students. The engine is now also b) free for non-commercial use; i.e. if you are a company/individual developer distributing your game and/or application for free there is no additional license required or cost incurred. Finally, for independent developers c) making a profit out their games, you must seek a development license but Crytek appears to be committed to having attractive options for smaller indie games companies with shorter development timescales (though the specific details of this are not disclosed as such, at least not yet).

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