Sunday, 20 February 2011, browser-based, multiplayer, iPad friendly classic adventure gaming

I've wanted to blog this for a long time but I held back as this initiative, fantastic though it is, never had any official backing or authorization. This situation has now changed (Activision, the legal owner of the content) has now sanctioned this officially so, a website which features ported browser-based versions of several classic Sierra Online adventure games (King's Quest 1, Police Quest 1, Space Quest 1 and others) can now be plugged from this blog.

The browser-based concept is not the only innovation here, there is a multiplayer option as well which allows more than one player to populate the same game at the same time (although quite how that would be useful is another discussion!) but also iPad friendly versions (which from the description offered I have to say sounds incredible and hopefully will open up the way for Activision to create tablet/mobile HD versions of these games when seeing the potential here).

As I've grown up on these games and they still have a very strong nostalgic appeal on me I can but recommend this, the website can be found here.

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