Monday, 15 March 2010

Valve advocates the use of biometrics

During the recent Game Developers Choice Awards, Valve Software's co-founder strongly advocated the collection of more personal, intimate information from the player, with that data being used to refine the experience. This will be achieved using biometrics techniques.

Following Wii's exploration of motion (and subsequent vision systems) infiltrating games, it appears that games companies are now considering going a step furher by measuring player state with a range of techniques such as pupil dilation and heart rate (to name but two). Those are the techniques are going to give games enormous impact in the future, according to Valve.

In addiction to this statement I should point out that brain-computer interfaces also dropping in cost and increasing in popularity (even if that is amongst the research community). It appears an exciting time to research game interaction at the moment, although break-through for some of these techniques in mainstream use may take a while yet...

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