Sunday, 1 March 2009

XNA game design camp

Microsoft and Channel 4 have partnered with Pixel Lab to host a two-day game design challenge at the University of Derby. Taking place from March 20th, the X48 event will bring together 80 students for what is being branded as 'the first XNA GameCamp'.

Attendees will use the facilities at the University and are charged with creating prototypes projects using XNA Game Studio 3.0 within the two-day time limit. The event is designed to encourage the next-generation of game development professionals and foster innovation. At the weekend's closing ceremony, finished prototypes will be presented to a Microsoft-led panel of judges.

Channel 4's commissioning editor for education Alice Taylor said: "We're fully behind encouraging collaboration and competition between young and emerging British indie gaming talent, and fully approve of the freewheeling creative environment that X48 is going to produce. We'll be setting the theme of the challenge, and keeping an eye out for both talent and games that we can continue to support or develop post-event."

"X48 is a great opportunity to bring like-minded students together and inspire them to create games using XNA," added at Microsoft UK's academic lead, Andrew Sithers. "Partnering with Channel 4 and the University of Derby brings together technology, creativity and talent at an event that will pit the UK's best student game developers against the clock."

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