Saturday, 4 February 2012

Bay Bridge Explorer iOS application powered by UDK

On a similar San Francisco related theme to the previous post I have been recently playing around with the Bay Area Bridge Explorer iOS application which can be found on the iTunes store for free. The application allows you to interactively explore the changes to the Bay Bridge by driving through the new routes (I have just been going through the eastbound detour), made necessary for seismic safery reasons. Although only one of these is available (for now at least), it is still a very innovative way to expose and inform an audience to urban planning processes.

The application is powered by Unreal and is basically a simple first-person 3D driving game with touch and tilt functions. UDK is put through its paces very well here so it is also worth downloading and playing around with if you want to see the potential of a gaming engine for further work in this field.

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