Sunday, 17 June 2007

Laval Virtual 2007

I recently spent a few days at the annual Laval Virtual international conference in France which were not only very enjoyable but also very interesting as I experienced first-hand a lot of cutting virtual reality research. I also presented my own work there and you can find a link both to the presentation itself (here) and also to the publication itself (here), titled "Automatic Modelling, Generation And Visualisation Of Realistic 3D Virtual Cities For Mobile Navigation".

I've selected some other pieces of work presented at the conference which I found worth exploring, you can find the links below. Hopefully I will be able to repeat the experience next year and manage to visit Laval Virtual again for its 10th anniversary conference.

Bayesian Networks for Scenario Generation in crisis management tools

Medical Augmented Reality, seeing the patient in transparency

Geometric & photometric calibrations, 3D tracking and realistic rendering for AR systems

Visualization of future landscapes & Environmental Visualization

Virtual Reality in Clinical Settings

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