Sunday, 30 June 2013

Third keynote for VS Games 2013

The third keynote speaker for the VS Games 2013 conference is Dr Christopher Peters,  Associate Professor of HCI and Computer Graphics at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. The title of the talk is the following; "Computational Modelling of Artificial Behaviour: A Perceptual Approach".

Christopher Peters is an Associate Professor at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden in the High Performance Computing and Visualization Department, where he is a member of the VIC (Visualisation-Interaction-Collaboration) Studio. His research interests include the investigation of interrelationships between computational visual attention, affect, memory, theory of mind and gaze control models for real-time animation, perception of, and multimodal interaction with humanoid characters, groups and crowds. He has published over 75 papers on related themes and is a co-founder of the AFFINE (Affective Interaction in Natural Environments) events that have taken place at various venues, including ACM ICMI and ACM Multimedia.
For abstract info of the talk please visit here.

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