Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Unreal 4 news

More and more information surfaces on Epic Games' latest and long-awaited iteration of the Unreal engine, Unreal 4. The engine is now slated to go public at E3 in early June but even prior to that a number of images are now online with some fairly impressive results (though it is very hard to gauge the actual quality of the visuals just yet). The image below is one example.

No concrete detail is really available though after E3 there will be far more news on this. It is expected to see the engine really used for next-gen consoles rather than current technology but that too is unconfirmed. As someone who uses and teaches Unreal I am very interested to see what the next iteration of the famous engine  is capable of and will report on this again after E3.


Mathias Poulsen said...

Hi Christos,

Just stumbled upon this Unreal 4 demo which, if you haven't already seen it, you'll probably like:


Mathias Poulsen said...

Here's a pretty neat demo of Unreal 4:


Christos Gatzidis said...

Thanks Mathias, I was just about to do a separate new blog post for this vid!