Saturday, 21 April 2012

Original Prince of Persia source code released

Jordan Mechner has released (officially) the code for the seminal platform game Prince of Persia. The classic 1989 game which pioneered rotoscoping and was made available on many platforms has seen many sequels and even a movie adaptation. Its creator only found the code recently (it was considered long lost) and it can be downloaded here.

Jordan Mechner is currently working on a remake of another (even older) title of his, Karateka (which I played before I even saw Prince of Persia on an old 8086 PC). I personally think it is a fantastic move when games such as this one, despite their obvious age, have their source code made available for the programming community, so it's worth visiting the link above and downloading this.


Unknown said...

one of the best old version game ever.prince of persia is an awsome game series. Cody Probst ny

Unknown said...

this is one of the best old veersion games ever made. i am a big fan of the princee of persia series. cody probst ny