Monday, 8 November 2010

NES/Super NES reborn

I posted a while back about the Blaze Sega Mega Drive device, which, licensed from Sega, repackaged the classic 16-bit console with built-in games but also the capacity to play old MD games that you can pick up from eBay. Just noticed (courtesy of the excellent RetroGamer magazine) that the effort has been replicated, this time for the equally iconic NES/Super NES Nintendo consoles.

While this is NTSC-only (for now at least) and doesn't actually come with any cartridges it has the party trick of emulating two different consoles and, of course, is capable of playing all their game cartridges. Well worth investing, here's to hoping they also produce a PAL version soon! For those that can't wait you can buy one from here.

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