Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Gamr7's Urban Pad version 2.0

French middleware developer Gamr7 has released version 2.0 of its procedural city creation software, Urban PAD (I've blogged on this before although it was quite awhile ago now). The new version features a revamped interface and wider format support for mesh conversion. Other new features in Urban PAD 2.0 include 20-fold time gains for some features, according to the company, and improved context generation control capacities.

Urban PAD includes four content editors and a city generation engine. The tool is aimed at offering editable procedural city creation through automatic content placement, real-time manual editing, and contextual adaptation. The video above is a great showcase for the application. I was lucky enough to have some people from Gamr7 demonstrate the application to me a few days ago and I was very impressed.

You can check out the trial version (or purchase the full product) at the official site of the company which can be found at http://www.gamr7.com.

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