Monday, 31 January 2011

PSP2 and the Unreal engine

The PSP2 spec and details were finally revealed by Sony last week. Touted as NGP (Next Generation Portable) it hosts a gamut of features such as, to name but a few, a touchscreen function allowing for ‘touch, grab, trace, push or pull’, augmented reality features using camera and player movement, a front and rear touch-sensitive input, front and rear cameras, gyroscopic motion control (using the same technology as the PlayStation Move), GPS location sensors and others.

Of even more interest however is the simultaneous announcement of Epic Games (at the same launch event in fact) of the Unreal Engine appearing on this new mobile device (see video below). This is essentially a PSP2 upgrade of the popular free iPhone demo Epic Citadel with additional anti-aliasing and post-processing effects (not seen on the iPhone version).

According to Tim Sweeney from Epic Games these additional effects were made possible "by the [PSP2]’s multi-core CPU and shader-based multi-core GPU, which delivers roughly four times the performance we’ve seen on other platforms". Could this sway me to finally invest in a PSP? Whatever the answer to that is, mobile graphics developments have just become, as of last week, even more interesting and exciting.

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