Wednesday, 26 January 2011

MSc in Computer Games Technology at Bournemouth University

Starting in October 2011 the University where I am lecturing, Bournemouth University in the UK, will be offering a new MSc in Computer Games Technology. This is offered on either full-time or part-time routes (and I will of course be teaching on it).

The course aims to provide you with the ability to plan, implement and produce computer games using modern methods and tools. In recent years there have been significant developments in the philosophies, methods and tools for planning, implementing and producing computer games. This course is designed to provide industry with personnel who understand the technical tools and techniques required by the gaming industry.

The MSc provides an in-depth knowledge in key areas of games technology and production. It prepares you for employment in sectors such as games programming, game engine design and game management and production. This course also takes into account the radical changes in the gaming industry from PC to console gaming to Mobile and MMOs bringing new challenges and opportunities for gaming.

A mix of practice-based research through the use of state of the art game production facilities and taught classes by academics and industry experts is offered. Finally, the MSc is comprised of five taught units and an independent project, which can be a dissertation, a portfolio of work, a software application or a combination of deliverables.

More information about the course (including detailed info on applying for it) here.

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