Saturday, 15 January 2011

Crytek showing interest in iPhone/iPad development

While id Software and Epic Games have already played their cards with the impressive Rage and Infinity Blade respectively, it now appears that another major player in first person shooter gaming is looking for a lucrative opening in the mobile game development field.

Borne out of a job opening that Crytek now has for “designing and developing complex, integrated iPhone and iPad applications” (found on Develop magazine) the company, which has a very strong reputation of pushing the boundaries of computer graphics with titles such as Crysis or Far Cry, joins an ever-increasing number of studios targetting the mobile platform as well as traditional ones.

Looking at the quality of a title such as Crysis 2 (see vid above) it is easy to understand why the news has created excitement to the community, especially if Crytek can bring the same tech quality commitment to a mobile title.

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