Sunday, 10 June 2012

John Carmack showcases VR prototype at E3

The inimitable John Carmack showcased a VR prototype at the latest E3 which has generated quite a lot of publicity (as, quite rightly, most of John's projects usually do). While this is a mere prototype (you will notice the tape holding this together in the video) the immersion offered is alleged to be excellent (demoed at E3 with Doom 3:BFG edition, which is an upcoming HD remake of Doom 3).

This is very early stages obviously as a project and it is slated to go commercial soon for around $500. While immersive VR for games is a very 90s concept it is always interesting to see where people like John can take a medium which has been waiting in the wings for years now.

You can check out the PC Gamer website here who conducted this interview for some clips where John covers more detail about the operation of the device and his motivation.

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