Sunday, 1 January 2012

M.U.S.E., another Unity-powered third-person shooter for iOS

Looking at past posts from the last few weeks you will be able to see quite a lot UDK-powered iOS games. There are of course other engines that can achieve similar results to those of Epic Games' Unreal, for indeed the same platform, with the best example being Unity.

To demonstrate this, a while back I covered Shadowgun (see here), which is a third-person shooter. Now, and in a very similiar vein, Lab Rats Studio has developed M.U.S.E. for the usual assorted mobile Apple devices using the popular Unity engine.

Tha game, as can be seen above, is very close to the time-honoured Gears Of War third-person shooter genre and while it has to be said that I did not find it quite as enjoyable as Shadowgun, I must say it still is worth checking out to see just how powerful a development tool Unity is for iOS today and the immense potential it has.

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