Sunday, 1 January 2012

Layar's Stiktu, a user generated content AR application

The company behind the very popular Layar app (for which I have blogged about in the past a number of times) has now released a new application called Stiktu. The idea with this application is that any user can add an image or text (or indeed anything of the type) to real-world items such as a poster, or a magazine or product packaging (these are shown in the video below as good examples and the Layar press release recommends them as ideal items for the application). Subsequent to that other users scanning these same items around the world will be able to access the newly added AR content.

Stiktu is available for iOS and Android (and is already on the iTunes Store). It is actually a separate application from Layar too and only available to a few countries at the moment. It will take a while to observe whether this works well or could indeed be anything useful but the concept is certainly exciting.

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