Monday, 5 September 2011

Flash and Unity convergence, Shadowgun demo

Unity has now released a very promising example of a fairly high-quality iOS/Android game (in terms of graphics) called Shadowgun and developed by Madfinger Games, running not only in a browser but also using Flash. This is the first time Unity has attempted something like this and what's even more impressive is the capability to support the usual advanced features of the engine such as physics, particle effects etc. despite running from a basic .swf Flash file.

The demo is incredibly impressive indeed, has caused quite a stir and the only criticism that could be levelled at it is the fact that it is purely a tech demo at this stage; there's no release date from Unity on this, at least not yet. More can be read about this here on the official Unity site, which is where you can also see the Shadowgun vid itself.

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