Sunday, 4 December 2011

Unreal-powered FPS shooter to use NVIDIA's Tegra 3 on Android

NVIDIA's recent announcement of its new Tegra 3 chip (in November) is now followed up by a game on the Android platform utilising it called DaVinci THD. The game (as can be seen in the vid below) is a first-person shooter through and through and has been developed using the Unreal engine (version 3/UDK).

While there's no release date announced yet, the results are stunning, which leaves me (and other mobile graphics developers/researchers/afficionados) wanting for two things; a) the addition of Android port functionality to the free UDK available (maybe 2012 is the year for this?) and b) Tegra 3 itself which appears to be very strong on lighting results (as seen again on the video above).

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Unknown said...

Unbelievable graphics! Desktop graphics seem stable but mobile chips have strong development. Well done for your blog also!